Dr Seah Root Canal and Implant Surgical Clinic
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Same Day Emergency Visits

Minimal Dis-Comfort, Emergency Treatment

We understand the seriousness of a nagging toothache which causes sleepless nights. Whenever you need emergency treatment due to your toothache, we will endeavor to see you within the same day of the phone call. That is why we pride ourselves with the slogan “Treatment within 24 hours” on our referral forms.

We also offer Laughing gas for nervous patients as well as IV-Sedation (Twilight Sedation) which is administered by a certified anaesthetist, as well as General Anaesthesia. All these help to eliminate dis-comfort and minimize fear during treatment.

To minimize post-operative dis-comfort, we use the latest generation of analgesics which is very effective.

However, the most important of these all is Dr Seah’s gentle touch when he administers the local anaesthesia and his dedication to dental excellence for YOU!